Ad Libertines

Inspired Improvised Stories


The Ad Libertines are committed to creating improvised stories and theatre in front of your very eyes. Inspired by the audience, they weave together the strands of human fate and tie them in neat Gordian knots. Stories as mythical as they are everyday. As real as they are fantastic. As memorable as your first and last kisses.

The Ad Libertines feature experienced players from all over the world and members of such groups as easylaughs, Six Degrees and Blind Date (NL), The Improfessionals (FR), and 100% Fiction (UK). Their ethos is that improv is a journey of the soul not an ego trip. Email us at and we'll keep you informed.


© 2011 Peter More and The Ad Libertines. The Ad Libertines are sponsored and supported by easylaughs and Allimprov.